Silt and Sediment Accessory for TC 3000 series

SiltSucker quick-change snorkel attachment for the TC 3000 series dredging workboat includes a 3 inch gas powered diaphragm pump is ideally suited for silt and sediment removal. Snorkel is easily maneuvered to target sediment build up areas and discharge hose can pump slurry up to 250 feet with a flow of up to 5200 gal/hr. (Boat not included)

Overall Length7 ft213 cm
Depthvariable 4-8 ft120-243 cm
Solids diameter max size1.625 in42 mm
Pump fuelgasolinegasoline
Max pump flow88 GPM400 LPM

Pond Cleaning Services
Pond Cleaning Services