Weedoo Compact Workboat: cuts weeds below water and along shoreline; pulls out and collects weeds in marine bucket for shoreline  deposit.

Weedoo Compact Workboat Model – Fiberglass/Kevlar® hull configuration includes deck mount marine boom cutter, front-end loader with universal marine bucket system, and 1305 highway transportation trailer with emergency and safety tow kits. Factory installed PowerPack features fluid cooled gas or diesel engine options with electric start. VVR hydraulic reservoir provides eco-friendly fluid to high efficiency triple pump setup producing 27 GPM. System includes twin propulsion outdrives with Weedoo Weed-N-Mud propellers and quick change hydraulics for Weedoo aquatic work attachments. Height from waterline with boom cutter down is 46-48 inches.

Gasoline: Factory installed power platform features Fd750 Kawasaki 2 Cylinder liquid cooled engine with electric start and Magneto. Gas model-Total weight including trailer: 2,650 lbs.

Diesel: Factory installed power platform features Kubota D902 3-cylinder  liquid cooled diesel with electric start and alternator. Diesel model- Total weight including trailer: 2,700 lbs.

Weedoo T-1305 Highway Boat Trailer features heavy duty I-beam construction, custom powder coating, 14” highway tires and wheels, LED light system, torsion axle suspension. Weight capacity 3,500 lbs, trailer weighs 740 lbs.


All boats in production are yellow. Give us a call (561) 204-5765. Prices available upon request.

Nothing cleans waterways better than Weedoo!

Environment-friendly Workboats

Lake bank weed removal
Weedoo Compact Workboat Marine Boom Cutter in Action.
Weedoo Compact Workboat
TC 3000 series
Weedoo Compact Workboat Helm Station with Popeye our navigator.
water weed removers.
Weedoo Waterweed Harvesters at work. Weedoo Compact Workboat(left) with AquaHarvester (right). Easy to operate water weed removers.
Weedoo Work Boats.
Weedoo’s Waterweed Harvesters ready to launch and remove aquatic weeds from ponds, lakes and waterways.