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Worst Water Weeds #8: Sargassum

Nothing ruins a trip to the beach like having to navigate around or through piles of rotting seaweed to get to the water. This is why Sargassumhas earned a place on our list of the worst water weeds. This genus of macroalgae (seaweed), started making headlines back in 2015 when huge amounts of it started

Get Ready for Spring Water Weeds!

Much of the country is deep into the freezing temperatures and snowfalls of winter, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to get an edge when spring water weeds emerge in full force. It can take you by surprise – especially if you didn’t take some key winter water protection

Silt Removal with the Weedoo SiltSucker

Silt Removal from Ponds and Other Water Bodies Ponds in nature don’t last forever because of silt buildup caused by leaves and aquatic plants that settle to the bottom and decompose into sediment. Most ponds eventually become dry land. People who want to keep their ponds alive and thriving will eventually have to deal with

Copper Sulfate Threatens Water Health

In the ongoing battle against water weeds in the ponds, rivers, lakes and wetlands across the nation, there is always the temptation to turn to chemicals in order to get the upper hand. This is understandable, especially if you are facing a major infestation of any of the highly invasive water weeds we’ve written about

Worst Water Weeds #7: Phragmites Australis

This particular plant is widely known as the “common reed,” but the havoc it is causing on wetlands in various parts of the United States is anything but, which is why it definitely makes our list of the worst water weeds. In the world of scientific botany, the genus is known as Phragmites, with four

Wintertime Water Ecosystems: Spring into Action Now to Beat Water Weeds!

On February 2 in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, crowds of people waited for the weather prognosticating groundhog named Phil to emerge and make his annual prediction about how much more winter there would be this year. If the large rodent sees his shadow, then there will be six more weeks of winter. If

Water Weed Removal: Mechanical Harvesting Versus Chemical Herbicides

Mechanical harvesting versus chemical herbicides is the great debate when it comes to tackling water weed problems. When you’re faced with an infestation of any of the water weeds we’ve covered in previous articles (and there are plenty more to talk about as well), you can feel so overwhelmed and frustrated that you just want

Worst Water Weeds #6: Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a floating plant that can grow in all types of fresh-water habitats. Its height above the water can vary from a few inches to as high as three feet. It has broad, glossy, leathery oval-shaped leaves and produces a deceptively pretty lavender or pinkish flower. The stalks are long, spongy

Tackling Fish Farm Sediment Issues with the Weedoo SiltSucker

Fish farm sediment issues can be a major headache for people engaged in aquaculture. The accumulation of silt and sediment, a process referred to as siltation or siltification, over time can reduce the volume of a fish pond to the point where fish farming is no longer viable. There are also other negative potential impacts

Worst Water Weeds #5: Water Chestnut

With this article, we get back to exploring invasive exotic species, and this time it’s the water chestnut or water caltrop (Trapa natans), not to be confused with the Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis) that you can buy in cans in grocery stores and used in Western-style Chinese food. The water chestnut is a floating

Weedoo® Accessories

Model Item Name Description E-1211 Marine Boom cutter SiltSucker SP1015 Pole Saw WA-1016 Pole saw WA-1016 Bimini SP-8010.1/WM-9039 Lift Kit WDR-5307.2 Root Rake A-1467 Loader Bucket Skimmer A-1409 Mesh roll for EBH or RSB bagging systems

Worst Water Weeds #4: Cattails

Most people call them cattails, although you’ll come across those who refer them as “punks” or even as “corn dog grass.” If you happen to be British, you’re more likely to call them “bulrushes” or “reedmace.” They are members of the scientific family of Typhaceae, large marsh plants sporting the telltale brownish compact “flower” that some think looks

Worst Water Weeds #3: Duckweed

Duckweed makes our list of worst water weeds because it can be a huge nuisance to ponds and other still water bodies. There are many different species of this flowering floating aquatic plant, most of which are native, but at least one of which is exotic. What they all have in common, however, is that

Worst Water Weeds #2: Eurasian Watermilfoil

Commonly called Eurasian Watermilfoil or Spiked Watermilfoil, this invasive exotic water weed is becoming as widespread and as troublesome as Hydrilla. It’s on the list of 79 different invasive and exotic aquatic plants maintained by the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health. Although its feathery appearance is attractive, the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force,

Worst Water Weeds #1: Hydrilla

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health lists a total of 79 different invasive and exotic aquatic plants that can be found in various parts of the United States. Some are wreaking more havoc than others, but one of the worst of all is hydrilla. It has invaded across much of the southern United

Weedoo Commercial

Weedoo Compact Workboat

Weedoo Compact Workboat Model – Fiberglass/Kevlar® hull configuration includes deck mount marine boom cutter, front-end loader with universal marine bucket system, and 1305 highway transportation trailer with emergency and safety tow kits. Factory installed PowerPack features fluid cooled gas or diesel engine options with electric start. VVR hydraulic reservoir provides eco-friendly fluid to high efficiency triple pump

Weedoo AquaHarvester®

AquaHarvester™ boat model – Fiberglass/Kevlar® construction includes Weedoo 170-Conveyor/Harvesting System with detachable bag collection assembly and Weedoo T-1305 DOT-approved highway boat trailer. Factory installed 24-Volt PowerPack includes  lithium/solar battery system that runs all day without fossil fuel, includes on-board marine charger and captain helm assembly. Available in single motor or twin Torqeedo outdrives mounted on Weedoo

Weedoo On Board Conveyor 170 (Extractor/Bagger/Harvester)

Weedoo 170-EBH (extractor/bagger/harvester) is the most efficient aquatic harvester system available on the market today. Unit has reversible drive and available with battery or hydraulic power. The Weedoo 170-EBH has fully adjustable height and angle settings.  Weedoo quick-change aquatic work implement designed for Weedoo waterweed harvesters. Weight 240lbs. Package includes: Detachable bagging hoop Extractor flights Side

LakeSaver Manual Retriever/Skimmer/Bagger

Weedoo LakeSaver Retriever/Skimmer/Bagger- a quick-change accessory. LakeSavers RSB implement is ideal for manually collecting aquatic debris. The LakeSavers RSB comes with a 50” x 12” oval shaped hoop for skimming or retrieving debris. Perfect for material such as duckweed, algae and floating debris. The hoop can be lined with our Weedoo A-1409 collection bags so material can

Weedoo Marine Boom Cutter

Marine Boom Cutter E-1211 Attachment Designed to fit the Weedoo 300 Series AquaHarvester™ boat model. 50″ Cutter Bar w/bottom skis is ideal for underwater continuous mowing of aquatic vegetation. Unit is self-powered gas/hydraulic and  includes quick-change deck mount for Weedoo workboats. Weight 730 lbs. Package includes: Universal stand-alone boom cutter Cutter controls Honda GX-390 gas motor,

Weedoo Oil/Chemical Skimmer Belt

Weedoo Oil Skimmer Belt Option for AquaHarvester™ model workboat.  Ideal for chemical clean-up in shallow waters and along shorelines.  The A-1464 kit includes oil/chemical skimming belt designed to skim oil/chemicals and separate from water. Weedoo battery powered 170-OIL belt extractor/bagger system is for hi-speed recovery of sheen and thixotropic oil from waterways. This kit converts any Weedoo

Weedoo Personnel Carrier Kit

Weedoo  Personnel Carrier Kit consists of three items: 1) the wrap-around seat assembly, 2) the Bimini top, and 3) the forward deck extension. The kit is for owner of a Weedoo 300 series work boat that wishes to remove the work implements and convert it to a personnel carrier. As shown : •Weedoo A-1465 Quick-change Personnel