Marine Boom Cutter E-1211 Attachment

Designed to fit the Weedoo 300 Series AquaHarvester™ boat model.

50″ Cutter Bar w/bottom skis is ideal for underwater continuous mowing of aquatic vegetation. Unit is self-powered gas/hydraulic and  includes quick-change deck mount for Weedoo workboats. Weight 730 lbs.

Package includes:

  • Universal stand-alone boom cutter
  • Cutter controls
  • Honda GX-390 gas motor, hydraulic power system
  • Weedoo captain seat
  • Quick-change deck rack
    Tigercat marine boom cutter.
    Weedoo’s TigerCat Marine Boom Cutter in Action.

    weedoo boom cutter and bucket
    Weedoo TigerCat model includes boom cutter and bucket.