Worst Water Weeds #1: Hydrilla

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health lists a total of 79 different invasive and exotic aquatic plants that can be found in various parts of the United States. Some are wreaking more havoc than others, but one of the worst of all is hydrilla. It has invaded across much of the southern United States, and is beginning to make its way northward. Below are the basics of this invasive exotic water weed that the USDA Forest Service calls “…one of the most troublesome aquatic plants in the United States.” Scientific Name: Hydrilla verticillata. Origins: This is unclear, but hydri...

Weedoo TigerCat®

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AquaHarvester™ boat model - Fiberglass/Kevlar® construction includes Weedoo 170-Conveyor/Harvesting System with detachable bag collection assembly and Weedoo T-1305 DOT-approved highway boat trailer. Factory installed 24-Volt PowerPack includes  lithium/solar battery system that runs all day without fossil fuel, includes on-board marine charger and captain helm assembly. Available in single motor or twin Torqeedo outdrives mounted on Weedoo Power Trim-N-Tilt system. Harvest and bag floating vegetation and debris Convey from work deck to shoreline Skim oil from water surface (con...