Aquatic Plant Harvesting Phosphorus Removal

22 Feb,2017 ,  By Administrator

J of Aquatic Plant Management 55:26-34 January 2017. Read More

Aquatic plants harvesting: An economical phosphorus removal tool in an urban shallow lake

22 Feb,2017 ,  By Administrator

The mechanical harvesting of nuisance macrophytes in shallow lakes in frequently conducted to improve recreational opportunities and aesthetics. This managementapproach also removes phosphorus from lake systems. Read More

International Boat Show

04 Nov,2016 ,  By Administrator

Weedoo Environmental Workboats at international boat show, Ft. lauderdale, Florida on November 3-7, 2016

Weed harvester begins hydrilla removal

06 Sep,2016 ,  By Administrator

Early Tuesday morning, Water Weed Harvesting owner Roddy McCaskill was at the lake Balboa ramp with his “Weedoo TigerCat,” ready to begin work on cutting hydrilla from Lake Balboa. The fiberglass / Kevlar hull includes a deek-mounted boom cutter that cuts sub-merged plants down to five feet deep and has a front end loader with a 900-pound capacity to scoop up the cut vegrtation. Read more..

Weedoo Featured in Florida Magazine Publishers

31 Mar,2016 ,  By Administrator

Wellington based company Weedoo Boats helps clean weed-choked waterways. Read article in: Florida Magazine Publishers

Weedoo Featured in Pond Boss Magazine (click to open)

01 Oct,2015 ,  By Administrator
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The September/October issue of Pond Boss magazine features an article entitled, The Mechanical Harvester Advantage by Dr. Bruce A. Richards, Oceanographer and Certified Lake Manager. Dr. Richards uses Weedoo’s AquaHarvester and TigerCats as examples of non-chemical pond and waterway maintenance successes! Read Article: THE MECHANICAL HARVESTER ADVANTAGE – Pond Boss Magazine-Fall 2015    

Weedoo News

25 Sep,2015 ,  By Administrator
Aquatic weed conveyors 4

Check out our exciting new 334 series of workboats and work implements—longer, stronger, more power and with amazing capabilities. Weedoo is changing the world for the better with a chemical alternative for removal of aquatic weeds. Nothing cleans waterways better than Weedoo!